Thomas Smith Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity.

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Book signing with Bill Feudale and MI Blood Memorial Blood Drive  

both donating to the Thomas Smith Memorial Fdn.

December 2015

Fundraising Events during the Flushing Candlewalk Celebration:

October 2015

Our FREE Teen Heart Screening event at Flint Farmer's Market - we were able to check the hearts of 289 youths.

To date we have been able to give away 1,800+ Free Heart Screenings; finding 18 youth with serious heart ailments.

Autumn Perry-MacClaren ran the Chicago Marathon in memory of her cousin, Evan Moeller, age 9,  who died of an undetected heart ailment.

Our 2nd Annual Bear Carving Raffle was a success.  Here are the stages of the chainsaw carving and our happy winner: Kathy F. from Flushing, MI.


April  2015
Shane Holton Memorial Shoot in memory of 21 yr old Shane who died of an undiagnosed heart ailment in Nov., 2013.

August 2015

Derek Blalock finished his 6,500 bicycle trip across the United States to raise money and awareness for sudden cardiac arrest in youth.