Thomas suffered a sudden cardiac arrest after arriving home on the evening of January 29, 2011.  His heart was racing and we tried to calm him down.  What we didn't know is that Thomas had an undetected heart condition known as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy .  This condition causes thickening of the heart muscles which can be associated with strenuous physical activity.  

Thomas loved to play sports. In his elementary years he played soccer and basketball which lead him to other sports. Thomas was on the Flushing High School Track & Field team, Powerlifting team (where he took 3rd place for the State of Michigan, in his weight division) and his love of football showed with the cultivation of  8 years of play.  No heart problems had ever been detected in any of the sports physicals that he went through or any of the tests  he endured from sports related injuries.   

Thomas was given CPR soon after his collapse and Paramedics arrived within minutes. He never regained consciousness. According to the Emergency Room physician; this kind of Sudden Cardiac Arrest had a 0% survival rate.

Thomas had just finished mid-terms in his senior year in high school. He was on the honor roll and had been accepted to every college he applied to. His goal was to be a Physical Therapist so he could heal sports related injuries. Thomas put passion into everything he did, from his love of God to his love of friends and family. He made people smile everyday of his 17 short years and is missed more than words can say. 

This verse from the Bible was read at Thomas' funeral....it is how he lived his life and how he tried to make a difference in other people too:  Matthew 25: 31-46.

Thomas Smith Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity.