Thomas Smith Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity.

Michigan Law: CPR training is required

to graduate from high school.

Click on the Seal to read the requirements.

We are forever grateful for ALL those who have helped us on our journey.

 We must not let another child die of a preventable ailment.  

Shane Michael Holton

1992- 2013

Evan Michael Moeller

2002- 2012

‚ÄčIs your school HEARTSafe?

Thomas Noah Smith

1993 - 2011

Our Purpose 
o make sure middle and high school students have access to

free heart screenings by raising funds to provide local hospitals

with mobile cardiac equipment.

We never charge for our teen heart screenings and every teen is welcome to attend,  
no matter where they live.

Our Mission

To prevent all families from suffering the loss of a child, by providing early detection & education for teenage heart ailments.

To Date

With the help of Hurley Children's Hospital

we have been able to: 

 gIve free heart screening to 3,000+ teenagers 

 gIve away over $4,500,000.00 in free medical tests 

 discover 29 youths with heart ailments